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No Franchises here! Or under paid employee's who could care less how they clean your home much less respect your home and the trust you have in the cleaning service. I'm a neat freak. And I am bit obsessive compulsive about it. In a good way!

I owned a used book and record store for 22yrs both in Chicago and in Springfield, Illinois. I also was a single mom. While I worked full time, I always kept a clean, neat and tidy home. It always seemed like in my free time I was cleaning a base board or wiping out a cabinet. I'm sure my kids even as adults can tell you stories about how much it drove me crazy that they would drag their hands along the wall. It must have worked, both of my kids keep very clean and neat homes today.

I decided to retire and sell out to move back up to Chicago. I wanted to be closer to my children and family. I've worked in retail to keep busy but found myself still wanting more. I genuinely enjoy keeping a home clean and organized.

I want you to be 100% satisfied with our cleaning services.  If there is a problem with our cleaning or our service, please tell me about it. I want to hear about any issue you might have so we can better serve you. Your satisfaction is important and valued.  

Tell us how often you would like our cleaning services.  Do you prefer weekly or bi-weekly.  It’s up to you, every home has individual needs.

We guarantee you will get the most value for your home cleaning dollar.  We are very competitive and at least 10% below most other cleaning service companies. I won’t skimp on the quality of our cleaning services. More now than ever families and individuals are needing a quality cleaning service at a reasonable cost.

Most Important: "We Pay Attention to the Details"

Call today for your free no obligation estimate on how detail orientated and reliable cleaning services can free up your time for more important things than cleaning.

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~ Susie's House Cleaning Service Promise ~

Always Trustworthy | Honest | Reliable