Benefits of Cleaning Green | Organic

We understand how you feel. There are 3 main reasons why clients ask us to use their own products. Personal health preference's,  physical requirements from sensitivities to cleaning chemicals or allergies... You have our cooperation.

Product loyalty. 

If you have products that you just like. They work well and make your home feel shiny and clean. No problem. Let us know what you like, and where you keep your favorite products. Give us a brief tutorial on how to use them to their most effectiveness (how you use them). It might seem dumb, but you would be surprised at how different cleaning products differ in their uses. 

Health Consciousness.

Many Clients are very conscious of their health and the products used within their homes. For these clients we are more than happy to use their products to ensure a clean home to their health standards.

Phosphate-free cleaning products are so important to our environment. Phosphates happen to be one of the largest polluters of waterways from ground water run-off. Many states are enacting phosphate-free legislation in order to stop the damage to our water supplies and other ECO-Systems that exist because of clean waterways.

Sensitivity | Allergies

Being sensitive or allergic to the very place you should feel happiest is difficult at best. We want to help. Using your products, supplies and equipment along with your instructions ensures that we do the job right.

Our goal is to make your hectic life easier. Letting us know your special needs ahead of time ensures there is no mis-communication. We want you to not only be satisfied with our cleaning service, but to enjoy our services on a long term basis. 

Unfortunately Vinegar and water JUST DOES NOT WORK on soap scum. There are pastes with baking soda and vinegar that can be used that are really labor intensive - I can do this but due to the labor it will be several hundred dollars and on a case by case estimate. To be cost efficient I do recommend in these cases an initial cleaning using chemicals. Then going forward a weekly cleaning using vinegar and water.  

~ Susie's House Cleaning Service Promise ~

Always Trustworthy | Honest | Reliable